Membership of the Association is $20 per year – a year being January to December.

Currently for 2022, all members of AHP are concurrently enrolled as members of the Association of Bookcrafts (ABC). AHP and ABC are working together on a number of projects and AHP members will also receive the quarterly ABC Newsletter.

Members of AHP also receive – and can contribute to – the annual Vinculum and Calendar. These are printed by members (usually a page each) and when collated are sent to all financial members.

You can also have your details listed in the members directory which is distributed to all members. The directory provides contact details and information about your interests. An entry in the directory is optional, download the form HERE.

The application form for new members is available for download HERE.

Existing members can also send us the same form for renewal, otherwise just transfer your $20 to our bank account

ASB 12-3086-0110545-00

You are welcome to join us on the journey.