The Association of Handcraft Printers NZ  was founded in 1974. Its members are interested in the practice of letterpress printing and all that is entailed in the craft – from the machinery, some of which has been refurbished after lying unused for many years, to the skilled operating of the equipment (often by those who served long apprenticeships to learn their trade).

There are many who love letterpress for its tactile nature, the quality of the paper and the beauty of the impressed ink. More recent innovations such as polymer plate printing, embossing and debossing, and paper crafts such as bookbinding and papermaking are becoming part of the letterpress family.

Whatever your connection to the world of letterpress, you are welcome to join us in the appreciation and practice of letterpress printing. Our members have much to offer those who are interested in learning the skills and thrill of printing traditional letterpress.

Members receive regular newsletters and the annual Vinculum, an A5 booklet of printing examples submitted by members that reflect the skill, ingenuity, and interest of the printer. Members are also invited to contribute a “month” to the AHP calendar. These are distributed to every financial member as part of their subscription.

AHP membership is open to anyone interested in letterpress – we have members in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and of course in  New Zealand.