Submissions for a members’ Code of Conduct and Vinculum Rules

Dear Members,

The AHP board is looking to develop a Code of Conduct for members of the AHP to be included in the constitution.
The Code of Conduct will be ratified at a Special General Meeting.
We would like to hear submissions from current and past AHP members as to what a code of conduct should include.
Please email handcraftprinters at with your submission.

**Please note, all comments will be collated by the board and anonymised for the SGM.

As per the minutes from the Annual General Meeting, we are also looking for submissions regarding rules and regulations for Vinculum.
Please email handcraftprinters at with your submission.
The board will collate and report on Vinculum rules and regulation submissions.

All submissions for Code of Conduct and Vinculum rules are due by Monday 30th September 2019

Submissions can also be made in writing and delivered to:
Assoc. of Handcraft Printers
PO Box 51-168
Pakuranga, Auckland 2140

AHP Calendar 2020

We will be producing the AHP Calendar again for 2020. The months have been divvied out as below.
May is still free, so get in touch here if you’re interested in contributing to this beautiful publication.
Deadline, we must receive your contribution by: Thursday 31st October 2019

January Terry Foster
February Willy Coenradi
March Sandy Corbett
April Graham Judd
May ________________
June Brendan Laing
July Terrie Reddish
August Neville Smith
September John Holmes
October Tony King
November Dave Veart
December Graham O’Keeffe

Live on Facebook

We now have a home on Facebook as well to help share any upcoming events or news. Find us by searching for Association of Handcraft Printers or click here

Storylines Auckland 2016



Auckland members of the Association of Handcraft Printers participated in this event on Sunday 21 August, again with a popular and effective stall, teaching children (and some biggies too) how to set type, and print their name on bookmarks and papers.

We had an Adana 8×5 press, a font of 36pt Gill Light and several chases,  and during the Festival catered for 150 keen young and not-so-young printers.

The Storylines Festival took place over two days at two different Auckland venues, although we participated only in the city venue at the Aotea Centre. Our team of Brendan Laing, his son Nathan, and Bruce Grenville  promoted AHP with fliers, AHP logo-printed  bookmarks, and A5-size “WANTED” posters. Each trainee was invited to print their name on a bookmark or poster and some printed on new bookmark pearlessence stock  (Curious Metal “Ice Gold”, from B&F Papers).

An interesting stall that complimented ours, demonstrated  Braille typesetting, and calligraphy.  So we blended in very well.

As has been the case on earlier occasions, the Storylines team was very appreciative of our presence as they recognised it as a drawcard in their advertising.

Our involvement  and  interaction with visitors reassured us of the interest in the letterpress process and hopefully encourage membership of AHP.

Thanks to Bruce Grenville

AHP Plans for 2016

In early 2015 an appraisal of the future direction of AHP after 42 years, resulted in Board discussions with book and print related organisations about merging resources and enriching the membership of such organisations.

A Special General Meeting on 11 July resulted however, in a vote to continue as an independent organisation, and a new Board was elected involving members from Auckland, Greytown and Dunedin.

Since that time the new Board has consolidated its membership base, released a newsletter highlighting the interest in the letterpress era shown by boutique museums; issued its unique member-printed calendar for 2016; and will release the first issue of Vinculum for 2016 in March.

Vinculum is a compilation of pages contributed by members reflecting their interest, skill, and innovative design ideas in letterpress and  has been issued bi-annually for decades.

In decentralising the Board it is hoped to encourage regional activity such as workshops and generate a wider membership from people interested in the scope of letterpress and new technologies like polymer plate printing.

The Board for 2015-2016 elected were:

Ken Wood (President, Auckland), John Holmes (Vice President, Dunedin) Anthony King (Secretary, Greytown) David Veart (Treasurer, Auckland) David Coventon (Communications, Auckland)

Registered Address: P.O. Box P.O. Box 51168, Pakuranga 2140 Auckland

Secretary: P.O. Box 29 Greytown 5742